Marina Services

Boat Inspections

Tahoe has a Boat Inspections program, We ask that you make
sure your boat is inspected prior to arriving at our facility.


up to 25′


$60.00 one way


$100.00  per day

Step/Un-Step the mast:

$40.00 per half-hour
half-hour minimum

Forklift & Driver:

$100.00 per half-hour

Gantry Hoist


$5.00 per foot
*Only available for some boat models.
The use of this service is by discretion of the yard foreman



$12.00 per foot

  • We cannot accommodate launches/haulouts of Sailboats larger than 30′
  • 30’+ powerboat launches/haulouts must be scheduled Monday-Wednesday

Bottom Wash

Haul-out charges not included

Yard Labor Rate

$50.00 per hour

Snow Removal

Boats in harbor:

$35.00 per half-hour


or FREE with fuel fill-up

In Water Boat Pick-up/Delivery

To Dollar Point or Sunnyside:


To Brockway or Tahoma:


To Incline or Rubicon:


To South of Incline or South of Rubicon:


Warehouse Transportation

26′ or larger boats:

$90.00 one way

25′ or smaller boats:

$50.00 one way

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