In response to COVID-19 we are implementing the following steps and procedures in order to maintain business as close to normal, limit the impact to our customers and keep everyone safe and healthy.

  • We do not require employees to wear masks, however, we do require all employees to have a mask with them at all times. If any customer asks for a mask to be worn by the employee, they will do so.
  • Cleaning will happen throughout the day with higher trafficked ares being cleaned more frequently.
  • We ask that people not congregate on the main walk ways of the piers so as to not impede the travel of others who are using the dock. For our slip customers, we ask that if you wish to stay in the Marina and relax, please do so on your boats and not the walk ways.
  • Our fuel dock is open for business. Employees will handle the fuel nozzle and fill the boats. We ask that all customers remain a safe distance from the employee while the fueling is happening. We also ask that customers do not enter the fuel shack, we will bring the receipts for you to sign out to you.
  • Buoy customers will be taken out with a max of 2 people from the same group. The remainder of your party will need to remain off the dock until they can be picked up from our outer pier. We ask that your group does not wait on our fuel dock.
  • Boat launching/hauling is operating with certain restrictions:
    • We will only launch boats that have been hauled out or launched by us in the past.
    • All boats MUST be properly sealed to the trailer. Any wire seals that are torn, broken, pinched, modified or missing will not be launched.
    • For boats coming from storage facilities, the driver MUST bring a copy of their MOU with the TRPA and the boat information must be on the MOU list. Any boats not on the list will not be launched.
    • We do not offer boat inspections, if your boat needs to be inspected, you will need to wait for the inspection stations to be re-opened. For up to date information with the inspection stations, please visit:
    • We will not be launching “in and out” boats. This means boats that are going on the water for short periods of time. Only long term on the water boats will be launched.
      • Boat ramps are beginning to re-open. Please visit your local ramps website for up to date information about their policies. Lake Forest Boat Ramp information can be found here:
  • Boat rentals will begin operations starting Memorial Day weekend. We have implemented procedures to keep our rental and slip customers and our employee safe during boat rental hours. These include but not limited to:
    • Limiting the number of rentals departing at once
    • Giving more time between rentals for them to be cleaned
    • Washing station for life jackets after use
    • Only the primary boat operator will be allowed in the office to sign the paperwork and on the boat for the orientation process. We have waiting areas on property for the remainder of the group.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the new policies and procedures during this time. We look forward to having a wonderful, fun-filled summer with everyone! If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us or call us at 530-583-1039.